Well... hello there. I am learning to write a blog, to improve my writing skills (as you will see it is needed). This is my first attempt. I just want share stuff that I like and think others should like because I do, and I am cool. No really I am. Seriously.

I have been listening to Jon Hopkins' Late Night Tales album a lot recently, so I am using it for my first blog. It's not that new, it was released in 2014. I picked it up on vinyl a couple of years ago for a friend as a gift. Having not listened to it before but being familiar with Jon Hopkins and some the other artists like Dark Star and Leatherette I made an educated guess. I am glad I did, because when I listened to it on spotify (to see if I'd made a good decision) I was really impressed, with the quality of the eclectic mix of tracks. If you like music to work or chill too, or good headphone music this is perfect. Well for me at least it is. Light a fire, put your headphones on and kick back. You're welcome.
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